Lucid dreams, 2018 - ongoing 

This is an ongoing work developed as an experience of transition, transformation and progression since 2018. In this project, the photographer utilises self-portraits and staged scenes of friends and family as a means to create spaces and moments of meditation. 

The use of body, fabrics, geometrical and natural elements are essential in this process. With the body as common thread, they express different types of transitions. In addition, the images contain a spiritual dimension which refers to our connection to whole ecosystems in which we live and evolve. 

Overall, the project aims to set discussions about the way we live transitions and how we apprehend them on a "self level"; meaning, we must be conscious players of the transitions we are evolved in.

"I don't know if it's about their dreams or mine... I just notice that it's all blurred. I distinguish little perceptible borders between each one, sometimes it's a river, or a mountain ... but that ends up, in reality, connecting them more than anything else."

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