Sutura, la voix silencieuse des hommes, 2021 - ongoing

series of 21 photographs, inkjet print, 40x60cm and 60x90cm, © Souleymane Bachir Diaw

The Wolof word sutura refers to a form of discretion, of "saving appearances". It applies to everyone.

"The masculine has always appeared to me as a contradiction, an impossible in-between, between a rigid façade and a fuzzy heart. Between "man" and "strong", there's an almost tautological equivalence. 

In this sense, clothing seems to reveal the inaccessibility of the masculine. Where I grew up and elsewhere, it is a means of announcing and representing oneself. However, men's clothing doesn't seem to reflect sensitive nuances. So I recreate them by staging it with bodies and objects. 

By forgetting to recall strength and virility, clothing takes up more and more space. 

It ends up coming alive and expressing itself.

"Écoute plus souvent les choses que les êtres" - Birago Diop, « Souffles »

Shown at

  • Stranger's House, Mumbai (IN), 2024
  • Rencontres Photographiques du 10e, Paris (FR), 2023
  • International Hyères Festival of Fashion, Photography and Accessories, Hyères (FR), 2023

Sampling Sutura

is a collection of songs have been walking with, laughing with, wondering with, dancing with, crying with, engaging conversations with while working on Sutura.

Through them and the conversations, I came to use words I wasn't sure I could use for myself, to let go of others, to revive memories, to identify emotions with some sort of clarity.

Mostly they made this very intimate and confusing work a bit more fun, less scary, less anxious, more simple. 

It is also a way to probe and feel my "vulnerability" as a "man", much more than I was used to growing up and in my everyday life.
So I often projected myself into them with all the "manhood" I seem to be made of.

So it's full of paradox (téré been). It feels like a space-time where all the existing laws about masculinity are actually obsolete (as they are).

In the end, I am not in these sounds, nor in the images for that matter, but somewhere around and inside, in a rather uncomfortable place at the moment, but in truth it suits me better than before. Silences have lost their meaning there.

So I compiled some of these songs into a Spotify playlist and it's still changing.

Moo ngui noonu daal.

This work was developed thanks to the mentorship program (2021-2022) by the Fonds Régnier pour la Création and  VU Agency.

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